TousNosProjets: Aggregating crowdfunding projects in France


The website is a platform that aggregates projects of French crowdfunding platforms. It was initiated by the French public investment bank BPI France. The goal of the platform is to support the emergence of crowdfunding in France by giving visibility to the crowdfunding industry and its operating platforms.

When the platform was set up in 2014 it hosted 13 French platforms, including donation and reward-based platforms, lending-based platforms and investment-based platforms. In September 2016, had 38 French crowdfunding platforms on its website, which hosted a total number of 956 projects.

The majority of the projects come from the cultural sector, even though does not have a specific focus on this sector. It presents projects with social, environmental, economic and cultural impact. solely serves as an aggregator of French crowdfunding projects from different platforms. Visitors are redirected to the respective platform upon clicking on a project. There is no match-funding mechanism involved in the partnership that BPI France has with the crowdfunding platforms. There is an automated process that allows to collect statistical data on a daily basis.