MyMicroInvest: The partnership model

MyMicroInvest is a Brussels based crowdfunding platform that supports and funds entrepreneurs by partnering up with professional investors. Even though MyMicroInvest does not focus uniquely on CCS projects, they have funded projects in the field, for example “YouScribe” (a kind of Netflix of books). All projects they fund are selected on the basis of their sustainability, profitability and positive outcome for society. Partnerships with professional investors that they form and use, mean that about 60% of the raised funds come from professional investors and 40% from crowd investors (backers).

These partnerships and multiple funding streams benefit the project holders by unlocking higher amounts of funding for their projects, while the professional investors also benefit. By not only gaining access to fresh and promising projects, but also at having a certain “proof of concept” since investments were also committed by backers from the crowd.  And the backers are given the opportunity to invest on equal terms with professional investors in project they believe in.

MyMicroInvest considers the participation of professional investors and the mix of funding streams as essential for the platform’s success and they envisage expanding their network of investors and projects throughout the EU.